Thursday, 9 February 2012

bored of negative media coverage?? See this :)

Amidst surfeit of discouraging coverage by Indian media, I was glad to hear and read about this soothing incident in our country. Being positive is a new way to liberate our cerebrum from the daily woes of scams, scandals etc.

India's firm stand on 126 fighter air crafts deal from France side lining pressure from 'GREAT BRITAIN' hinting towards the monetary aid given to India from its ' QUEEN'S ' purse . Our ministers including Pranab da assured parliament that this deal took place according to the rule book and India won't be going for re bidding in ORDER to please any country                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                    Hats off to you sir for this!

Indian air force conducted trials and after considering various aspects like costs, technology transfers etc.. It finally short listed Dassault. Participating nations included U.S., Russia, France, Sweden, and Italy. But U.K.'s economy anticipated a major boost by this deal. Alas!! I.A.F & G.O.I. didn't surrender for a penny from 'QUEEN'S' already deteriorated purse.

One other minister also replied to 'furious & calculative' British media that even if U.K. cuts its aid to India to NULL even then it won't affect India's total foreign aid input by point percentage terms. This pressure tactics won't work anymore on world’s largest democracy .Some analysts even described U.K's aid to India as a ‘penny’.

India is a domestic demand driven country and will not surrender. Focus on your problems like unemployment, recession instead of getting jealous from India's G.D.P. and GROWTH rates. .

Yes we have flaws in our system but our collective approach has an ability to produce miracles. Have you ever given a thought that even after having so many flaws in our system we’ve almost everyone worried ranging from China to U.S.



Monday, 15 August 2011

drug addiction

Addictions!! Any sort of addiction has an adverse affect on a person’s mental & social well being. The recent observations which fears me the most is drug addiction among students. From a high school teenager to a college freshman, age of association might differ but death is ultimate gift for all those. All sins tend to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is damnation. 

A young man who is not even a complete man yet wants to try it just once , mind it he just wants to try it once . He blames his peer group for that beginning and pledges that he won’t repeat. But next week it’s his friend’s b’day bash @ a local restro bar. He isn’t reluctant to try it again in front of his female mates. Of coarse to impress them!!. But after the bash he promises himself that it was last time he did it. Elaborating his explanation to his soul while returning to his place he says that it’s not good for his already deteriorated health. But …

Now he has unknowingly developed a perception that his mates who didn't try it aren’t cool. He slowly begins to ignore them & considers himself to be superior to others .For him reality & idealism are crutch for people who can't cope with drugs. at this stage. Alas!! He is addicTed   ….

With those so called ‘cool mates’, he likes to sit, eat & freak. Ironically he suddenly become attractive & interesting for others including girls .Believe me , this so called cool guy is spoiled from within and he will spoil a few others with this unique venom of detrimental addiction. He would seem confident but he is baffled from within..

Teachers and parents play a vital role by saving gen-X from being dragged into this vicious circle.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

plea to obama uncle!!


white house

Sub: plea to obama uncle

Uncle obama!!

Why don’t you respect ur citizens?..definetly not a rhetoric one. I heard America does that job very well! After 9/11 it killed lakhs (though suffered as well) .. But what about those who got killed in 26/11 .. leave Indians & others uncle , just think of Americans killed brutally there.. the attacks were specifically designed to kill foreign nationals (Americans & britishers specifically)!!

But uncle, someone in my neighborhood told me that u.s. is still aiding(billions) countries which supports killing of American nationals! Then he went on saying that U.S. is keen to supply all kind of aids to such countries .(10 points for guessing the name of the country :p ) . 

Uncle , I feel its high time to take certain decisive steps against such countries . So that u have something to show your followers at Washington that you at least tried in their interest  . Perpetrators of 26/11 are well known to u & world . don’t wait for some leaks to leak :-D. firm action in interest of the American nationals among various others is what is expected from u by citizens. election time u see! :-)